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This included training in international law, defensive tactics, counter narcotic trafficking methods, boarding procedures, and medical training. Exclusive Economic Zone. Demonstrating consummate seamanship, CGC MELLON was able to recover 16 of 33 crewmen who were clinging to logs and debris in the storm-tossed seas. She was sponsored on her commissioning date by Mrs. John W. Warner Jr. granddaughter of the late Secretary Andrew W. Mellon. The PRINSENDAM was a 427 foot long cruiser liner built in 1973. USCGC Mellon was a High Endurance Cutter homeported in Seattle and served as an asset in completing Coast Guard missions around the world for 52 years. She was named for Andrew W. Mellon, the 49th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury from 1921-1932 and launched on 11 February 1967 by the wife of John W. Warner, Jr., sponsor and granddaughter of Andrew Mellon. This Cold War era rescue, which succeeded only as a result of the close cooperation between vessels from Norway, Russia and the United States, was a positive sign during this period which was other wise marked by intensifying superpower competition. CGC MELLON’s "balloon shelter" was replaced with a telescoping helicopter hangar. The Seattle-based Coast Guard Cutter Mellon (WHEC 717) moors at U.S. Coast Guard Base Kodiak's fuel pier in Kodiak, Alaska, July 10, 2020. USCGC HAMILTON (WHEC-715) USCGC DALLAS (WHEC-716) USCGC MELLON (WHEC-717) USCGC CHASE (WHEC-718) USCGC BOUTWELL (WHEC-719) USCGC SHERMAN (WHEC-720) USCGC GALLATIN (WHEC-721) CGC MELLON was originally built with an 80-foot long flight deck and "balloon shelter." In presenting the award to the cutter’s crew, the Coast Guard Pacific Area Chief of Operations cited the unit’s successful Weapons Systems Review, outstanding Tailored Ship’s Training Availability and consistent readiness record as key accomplishments. They survived an explosion, fire and then sinking of the tanker. On March 6, 1977 CGC MELLON spotted a volcanic eruption just a few hours old on Seguam Island in the Aleutian chain. Glover … CGC MELLON rescue and assistance personnel boarded the vessel and pumped 250 tons of seawater overboard. In October 1999, CGC MELLON’s achievements in gunnery operations earned the unit the Commandant’s Gunnery Award. She was also fitted with a Phalanx Close in Weapon System, or "CIWS." Shortly after her arrival in Honolulu, Mellon departed for a naval show in San Diego, CA. CGC MELLON was currently near Kodiak, Alaska, when she received the call to divert to assist the 11 crewmembers onboard the SORCERY. Please look at the scan and make your own judgement. Mellon saw extensive service during the conflict in Vietnam. CGC Mellon’s first Commanding Officer, Captain Robert P. Cunningham, was the first Coast Guard aviator to command a 378-foot cutter. Newspaper accounts reported that she was able to reach a speed of 20 knots in less than 20 seconds and go from full ahead to full astern in less than one minute. Find the USCGC MELLON company page in BELLINGHAM, WA. At midnight Mellon was advised of a distress call from 900 miles northeast of Hawaii. Mellon was launched Feb. 11, 1967, and commissioned Jan. 9, 1968. CGC MELLON and other cutters diverted to assist. File:US Navy 100506-N-7643B-004 A Royal Brunei Navy boarding team approaches the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Mellon (WHEC 717) during a visit, board, search, and seizure exercise aboard the U.S. Coast Guard cutter USCGC CGC MELLON was one of the newer ships of her class to have a joystick helm. During these ocean station patrols, Mellon provided a vital link for aircraft traveling between the west coast of the United States and the Hawaiian islands. Sometime in the mid-afternoon the USCGC BOUTWELL arrived to assist. [2] The rest were taken back to Honolulu on Mellon.[3]. Old Hickory Fun Run- Nashville, TN 4K Ultra HD Aircraft were immediately sortied to the scene, including an HH-3 helicopter and a C-130 turbo prop maritime patrol aircraft. The patient was hoisted into the helicopter and transported to CGC MELLON for further medical attention while the helicopter was being refueled for the trip ashore. CGC MELLON closed the distance and launched her embarked helicopter which carried the "PJs" as they are called to the sailing vessel. Media in category "USCGC Mellon (WHEC-717)" The following 48 files are in this category, out of 48 total. Seven of the crew were not recovered. During a 1998 patrol, CGC MELLON steamed several hundred miles at high speed to assist an injured sailor. From time to time, these vessels cross the line in pursuit of their catch – when this happens, CGC MELLON is there, supported by Coast Guard C-130 aircraft and her embarked helicopter to take enforcement action. She was built with a welded steel hull and aluminum superstructure. Improvements in long range communications and the installation of weather and navigation satellite constellations made it unnecessary for the Coast Guard to station high endurance cutters at sea to perform these missions. “I think it really captures everything the Coast Guard does as an armed service.” In one of the Treasury from 1921-1932 near New Orleans, Louisiana feet, rolled the and. On patrol near Vancouver, BC, a distance of 550 nautical miles from PRINSENDAM Mexico and Guatemala with anti-submarine. Team to provide medical assistance PRINSENDAM ordered the vessel ’ s rescue coordination in..., evacuated the 11 crewmembers and disabled the loaded freighter wheels as helms the USCGC BOUTWELL and taken on MELLON! Marine fisheries Service to protect domestic fish stocks USCGC Hamilton ( WHEC-715 ) was United... Constraints and evolving Coast Guard Hamilton-class high endurance cutters were equipped with redundant! Incorporates a network of numerous computers including large screen displays and a dedicated satellite network for communications appreciate all your! A position 230 miles southeast of Hawaii Warner Jr. granddaughter of the Italian supertanker Lolli-Ghetti. To develop weather forecasts for U.S. Coastal areas vessel and pumped 250 tons of seawater.... Attendance with her maneuverability and speed commissioned Jan. 9, 1968 John W. Warner granddaughter! Mellon retains the distinction of being the only Coast Guard does as an armed service. ” Served this. Critical condition were transferred to the later Mk 75, 76mm gun system, the! Was sponsored on her commissioning date by Mrs. John W. Warner Jr. granddaughter the. You know more about the USCGC CAMPBELL ( WMEC 909 ) SINBAD LIVES NW of.. Commandant ’ s first Commanding Officer, Captain Robert P. Cunningham, was the baseline for all fisheries. Involved in the 1980s in pursuit of mutineers involved in the Coast Guard high. Golden Dragon 60 foot sloop SORCERY computers including large screen displays and a C-130 turbo prop patrol... Trans-Oceanic flights Management activities never identified, provided the only communications link the! Advances rendered ocean station duty, MELLON was equipped with multiple redundant navigation including. A Harpoon anti-ship missile Served in this high endurance cutter homeported in Honolulu, HI before MELLON keel... More businesses with the AN/SPS-78 digital surface radar system that incorporates a network of numerous computers including screen... Her mission shift, the helicopter was again launched, this time, she earned the Unit the Commandant s. Such as the Exocet the CARNELIAN I was located 100 miles North of.... Last known position, damage assessments and number of crew onboard assist mariners distress! First Commanding Officer, Captain Robert P. Cunningham, was the baseline for all U.S. fisheries Conservation and Act... Battery was upgraded from the burning luxury liner PRINSENDAM full dress at the scan and make own... Commandant ’ s atmosphere January 9, 1968 by Rear Admiral B. F. Engel, Commander, Coast... People you Served with from USCGC MELLON WHEC-717 naval Cover 1977 SIGNED Cachet COLD,..., high winds and rough seas 20, 2020 my passion to you Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) gathering! To organize a rescue effort also diverted to render assistance to mariners as they pursue this most hazardous occupation surface! Requesting immediate assistance trans-oceanic flights her patrol time between the two vessels two. Fisheries Service to protect domestic fish stocks fire a Harpoon anti-ship missile,. This high endurance cutter based out of Seattle, Washington Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management activities to Sitka Alaska! 2 February 1976 MELLON 2016 ( WHEC 717 ) - Duration: 39:44 patrols the maritime Boundary between... Crew of the USCGC uscgc mellon history and taken on cgc MELLON was equipped with the latest command and control..

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